Friday, 11 January 2013

S.G.T Game Farm Team ( Sarawak Gamefarm Team )

Located in the Miri City of Sarawak, Malaysia, S.G.T Game Farm established in 2008 by Mr Q and his partnership between two successful businessmen who shares the same passion of breeding the winningest. Our commitment it to help individual and beginners to have a good base breeding foundation.

Sarawak Game Farm (S.G.T) intend to stay and will produce the best breed to our customers 'satisfaction and customers' needs. With a combined breeding experience of over 6 years in the Sarawak, we know that our brood-fowl was according to their confirmation, character, attitude and mainly pedigree. Our objective is to produce the best compete and aspirations of creating nicks worthy of fighting cocks in the very near future. The good side is that the erstwhile partners treat one another with respect, wishing each other the best in their respective cocking endeavor and professing to assist each other, even sharing brood-pens if one would need lines only Sarawak Game Farm (S.G.T) has created and maintained.

So enjoy learn and appreciate Mr Q own personal histories.